A downloadable game for Windows

Join our characters on a journey of self discovery and business, unraveling a mysterious past and the horrors of the damned.

Can you meet the unruly demands of dark denizens? Help others when they experience loss?

Be careful, if you make the wrong choices... you might just be sent to hell!


  • A short but rich story
  • Crafting system
  • Customized combat system focused on short, dynamics fights
  • Simple and clever discovery mechanics
  • Support for money-grubbing realists


  • Standard arrow movement keys
  • Uses ZXC layout for comfort
  • No gamepad support

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run game.exe in the Recondite folder.


Recondite.V.1.0.zip 258 MB

Development log


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the characters were charming and fun. were my main reason for continuing the experience.

i love the art and character designs as well.

well written with only 1 or 2 mistakes. (in the apothecary)

The bad

i could have enjoyed more without the battles. especially when not even being heal for free.
i also hate class systems as it just means more grinding...

while the alchemy was easy to do. it was also slow,making it a little tedious. especially when you get larger orders...

Despite what i consider to be weaknesses,it was a well made experience,due to the downsides i won't recommend this.
but i don't think it is a waste of time either.


a major glitch near the end of the game,after the priest captures your butler. you can go north and enter the next room (last room in the game) but you're not suppose to be here. so nothing happens and there is no exit.